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Supply chain

Send IXON around the world

Our Supply-Chain team ensures that our IXrouter reaches our customers and partners on time and with the highest quality. From drawing up a well thought-out and structured production planning and adequate stock management to the assembly and production of our industrial routers. Our Supply-Chain is always looking for improvement and opportunities to raise customer satisfaction to the highest level.

As a member of the Supply-Chain team, you will be working in a highly dynamic environment with many challenges. These challenges are very impressionable by the continuous changes of the market. Material scarcity, increasing freight prices and the pandemic are just a few of the challenges the department faces. Nevertheless, our dedicated Supply-Chain team always makes sure to solve the issues before they become problems.

We don’t believe in individual targets

Within the department there is a lot of cooperation between Supply-Chain and production. There are short lines of communication between both sub-teams to ensure a fast and flexible response to changing customer demands. Thereby, the Supply-Chain team works closely with almost every other department within IXON. As they need technical information from R&D, the orders from Sales, issue insights from Product Support and input from Finance to check the administration. Besides that, there is also plenty of collaboration between the Supply-Chain team and external parties. There are short lines of communication with suppliers from all over the world and close contact with customers at crucial moments in their onboarding.

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What makes your job different?
“The working environment is really dynamic and challenging. This enables you to immediately make great strides in your personal development at the start of your career.”

If you had to name one milestone that you’re most proud of…
“Getting an order to the customer on time, without any complaints about the quality of the product, is always a milestone. Especially, because it is always a team effort, where everyone in the departments brings out the best in each other.”

What’s the best moment you’ve shared as a team?
“Working every day with a team of colleagues who are so closely involved with each other is always a pleasure. You know that you can always turn to your colleague whether it is something work-related or not, the team is always there for each other.”


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