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Innovating IXON Cloud

Our R&D team is responsible for building and developing the IXON Cloud, a world-class IoT platform, which is widely deployed as a SaaS. Over the past few years our in-house R&D team worked hard to develop a proven solution to enable user-friendly, secure and remote access to industrial machines. Meanwhile, the IXON Cloud is used by more than 2,000 machine builders world-wide, providing numerous high-value-added functionalities to its customers.

A solution-oriented team always aiming for the highest quality

Our R&D team is a relatively young team of development talents, most of whom started working for us straight out of school. The team is divided in several areas of work:

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What makes your job different?
“Our department is really at the forefront of innovation, so our contribution helps to continuously improve and innovate our platform. What is really cool is that we can take some time every week to work on our own project, to try out and learn new things for our personal development which we don’t have to account for.”

If you had to name one milestone that you’re most proud of…
“The development of our new cloud platform is definitely one of our biggest achievements, in which we have built everything from scratch. We put a lot of effort into it, but the result was more than worth it.”

What’s the best moment you’ve shared as a team?
“Our ‘Night of the Dev’ event is legendary. This is a game night where we play all night long on new and old consoles, from Switch to Gamecube. These are always really fun evenings, in which almost the entire team participates.”


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