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Product support

Provide an excellent customer experience

The cases we cover range from the simplest quick fixes to difficult technical problems from customers worldwide. From simply showing a customer where to find a particular button, to complex problems with implementation and network configuration. We aren't just any help desk. We’re a high-level support desk, handling cloud cases from A to Z, with all the tools to go as far as our capabilities can take us.

There are no problems we cannot solve together
Our Product Support team comes from all sorts of backgrounds, with roots ranging from PLC programming to IT network administration. We are allround technical specialists with a broad knowledge of IXON Cloud. Every team member has their strengths, and we can always rely on each other. There’s always a colleague ready to help you out. We are the go-to department for general technical questions. The team works closely together with marketing, sales and R&D on a daily basis, all with the aim to continuously improve our all-in-one cloud solution.

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What makes your job different?
“You never know what the day will bring. One day you’re in touch with a customer in Australia and the next you’re helping a machine builder just around the corner. We work on the most diverse cases, which makes the work challenging and every day unique.”

If you had to name one milestone that you’re most proud of…
“This year we started sending out a survey for every closed support case to measure customer satisfaction. I’m very proud of the team, because we’ve already reached a 95% customer satisfaction score.”

What’s the best moment you’ve shared as a team?
“The greatest satisfaction is when the queue of customer cases is completely cleared. By working very hard, this happens a couple times per year. We always take a moment to celebrate this with a delicious treat from our team lead.”


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