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We connect machine builders with their customers to increase production efficiency, minimize downtime and reduce their global footprint.

Working at IXON is more than connecting machines. It's about connecting your career with an ambitious team in an international setting, where autonomy and personal growth are integral aspects of our work culture. Together we're transforming the world of industrial automation. Are you ready to connect?

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Words from colleagues

Working at IXON is the perfect blend of solving business challenges with technical solutions. Within Solution Engineering, we have a big impact on the Sales opportunity, thanks to IXON's dynamic atmosphere and the freedom it offers.

Stefan van Dooren
Solution Engineering Manager

Working in Demand Marketing at IXON means having the chance to learn about the market, being creative and being part of a team that wants to drive value for customers.

Monica Negri
Growth Marketer Italy

IXON's working culture is casual whenever it can be, professional when it needs to be and in general there's sufficient room to act weird, be yourself and have fun at your job. 

Frank Faessen
Product Support Engineer

As a Support Engineer you truly get the freedom to unravel customer issues independently. This autonomy is complemented by a team that's always available to assist, ensuring a positive outcome that brings joy to our customers. 

Marc van der Wijst
Product Support Manager

Getting the product to our customers on time is always a milestone. Especially, because it involves collaboration as a team, with each member of the department giving their utmost and inspiring the best in one another. 

Yvon Kuenen
Operations Support Employee

Working every day with a team of colleagues who are so closely involved with each other is always a pleasure. You know that you can always turn to your colleague whether it is something work-related or not, the team is always there for each other. 

Conny Kuenen
Production Employee

The success of IXON is built upon the dedicated team of people who work here. By being part of this team, everyone has the opportunity to make a meaningful impact. 

Krissie Vercoulen
HR Lead

At IXON, I enjoy a diverse set of responsibilities within a dynamic and open work environment. Ambition is at the forefront, making each day a new challenge.

Bauke Spoor
Legal Officer

As a research intern at IXON, I was immediately engaged in meaningful cybersecurity projects, leading to a full-time role. It's a supportive place where innovation really drives professional growth. 

Stan van Duijnhoven
Security Consultant

My internship at IXON not only led to a valuable project that continues to be utilized but also paved the way for a full-time position at the company. 

Maarten Jakobs
Software Engineer

Working for R&D at IXON challenges my knowledge in a team of brilliant minds and keeps my skills razor-sharp to create a product that truly serves our customers. 

Tijm Wolters
Software Engineer

Diving into the full IXON product as a Test Engineer allows me to collaborate with the entire R&D team, striving together to continuously improve and stay ahead of our game.

Dirk Lenders
Test Automation Engineer